Farewell to My Secret Spot

Posted on February 25, 2016 at 6:13pm by Heather Cecco No Comment

I just wanted to take a moment while I mourn the loss of my favorite “secret spot” to photograph portraits. Most of you locals have seen the land being cleared behind the Daylesford Abbey on Devon Road, near General Wayne Elementary. I seriously want to cry each morning I drive past it. Over the past few years, I have photographed my own children there, as well as, taken some gorgeous family photos and maternity portraits here. That long, beautiful tree-lined driveway; abandoned houses and historic barns; a rustic chapel with a natural spring running through it; a little pond my dog used to love to jump in every time we walked her past it; and those amazing wide open fields!!!!…..all GONE.

So I’m paying tribute to my loss….and the Main Line’s loss….by reposting here, a few of my favorite images I’ve taken in this beautiful place that is no more. 🙁 I am truly devastated!!!

portrait photographer malvern-002

portrait photographer malvern-001

child photographer malvern-005

child photographer malvern-004

maternity photographer malvern-006

maternity photographer malvern-005

maternity photographer malvern-004

maternity photographer malvern-003

maternity photographer malvern-002

maternity photographer malvern-001

child photographer malvern-001

child photographer malvern-002

family photographer malvern-001

family photographer malvern-002

family photographer malvern-003


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